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Stay updated with the latest developments, breakthroughs, and trends in the EV industry, focusing on Tesla’s innovations and the evolving electric vehicle market.

Tesla Moving Towards Driverless World, Full Self-Driving Subscription Coming Soon

Tesla has been one of the few companies dedicated towards taking the automobile world into the driverless phase. They have been working constantly on...

Has Sony Officially Revealed A Car To Beat Tesla

Sony, arguably one of the biggest consumer electronics manufacturers, startled everyone as they ventured into the world of automobiles when they revealed their prototype...

Tesla Wins Lawsuit Against Self-Proclaimed Whistleblower

A two-year-long ongoing court battle between Tesla Motors and one of their former employees finally came to an end, when the US District Court...
Lucid Air Beats Tesla Model S Plaid Record At Laguna Seca

Watch This Lucid Air Beats Tesla Model S Plaid Record At Laguna Seca

Lucid Motors is riding on the current wave of marketing of their first car launch, which happened last week. The Air was launched with...

Tesla Provides Powerpack Batteries To 60 Electrify America Charging Stations

Volkswagen's electric vehicle charging network, Electrify America has received its first 60 powerpack batteries from Tesla. This comes almost 16 months after Tesla agreed...

Tesla Driver Caught “Asleep” With Autopilot At 150 km/hr, Police Are Charging Him Criminally

In a bizarre incident occurring in Canada on September 17th, a Tesla Model S driver was caught sleeping while his car was running at...

Tesla’s 12V Batteries To Get Major Improvements Through OTA Update

Like the other cars, the 12-volt battery system in Tesla vehicles powers the infotainment system, lights, airbags, windows, and more. Typical 12V batteries last...

Tesla To Export Made In China Model 3s To Asia And Europe

Reuters have claimed that two sources familiar to the matter have confirmed that Tesla plans to sell Made In China Model 3s to Asian...

Tesla To Update Model 3 Steering Wheel, Center Console, Headlights And More, Rumor Says

Tesla Model 3 has been one of the most successful cars from the California-based electric vehicle manufacturer. With a number of new cars from...

Tesla Bug Allows Non-Tesla Electric Cars To Charge For Free At Superchargers

An interesting bug was detected at the newly opened Tesla V3 Superchargers across Europe, as non-Tesla vehicles were able to charge their vehicles free...