Tesla Model 3 Vs Honda Accord Hybrid

2022 Tesla Model 3 Vs Honda Accord Hybrid: 5-Year Ownership Cost

Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular electric cars available globally and the best-selling model in the Tesla fleet. Keeping and maintaining...
How Elon Musk Became The World's Richest Man

Elon Musk Talks About Self-Driving System, Mining & Reaching Mars

Elon Musk never ceases to surprise his fans with the way he tackles everything around Tesla and his life. Tesla came into existence about...
Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pro

Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pro Is “Crazy Affordable” Electric Work Truck For $32,474

Brand new F-150 Lightning EV is sure to please the masses with the incredible features and even attractive price sticker. Not to mention how...
Tesla Apple Carplay

Finally You Can Get Apple CarPlay On Your Tesla Using This Workaround

Tesla cars are still void of Apple CarPlay, and the wait is somehow finally going to end now for Tesla owners. However, neither Tesla...
Tesla Vision-Only Autopilot

Tesla Vision-Only Autopilot System Real World Drive Test On Model 3

People do think of Tesla as one of the most reliable and advanced automotive makers around the world. Tesla is building a dynamic presence...
Tesla 25,000$ Car

Will We Ever See A $25,000 Tesla Car? More Information About Tesla’s Affordable EV

Elon Musk made a lot of exciting announcements on Tesla’s Battery day and stockholder meeting in 2020. The annual event held, on 22nd September...
Tesla Battery Swap

Tesla Battery Swap Station: What Happened to Elon’s Claim on Fully Charging Tesla in...

Tesla’s battery swap station was quite the hype back in 2013. CEO Elon Musk made a public statement claiming that the company could fully...
How Long Does an Electric Car Battery Last

How Long Does An Electric Car Battery Last? Factors Affecting Battery Lifespan

How long does an electric car battery last? That's a question that a lot of people are asking these days, as electric cars become...
Elon Mush Twitter Buy

Why did Elon Buy Twitter? His Reason Behind Spending Whopping $2.9 Billion

Elon Musk recently bought a huge portion of Twitter. According to the report, Elon owns 9.2% of all Twitter shares which makes him the...
Pros and Cons of Electric Cars on the Environment

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars on the Environment

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular each year. More people are making the switch to electric vehicles because of their many advantages,...