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Tesla Model 3 Repaired

Tesla Asked A Customer $16,000 for Repair, YouTuber Did The Same In Just $700

Rich Rebuilds is quite a popular figure on YouTube. He, along with his team, is famous for his automobile custom builds and transformations. He...
Setting up Sentry Mode Tesla

Setting Up Sentry Mode For Tesla: USB Requirements, Footage Size, Advantages

With the price of a single Tesla ranging anywhere between $36,999 to $157,490. Being so expensive, it becomes essential to have enough data for...
Pipistrel Velis Electro

Pipistrel Aircraft: Everything You Should Know About Tesla Of Electric Aircraft

When entrepreneurs and enthusiasts saw that there’s an ever-expanding market for electrification vehicles, a company named "Pipistrel" took it a step forward and built...
Rimac Nevera & Bugatti Chiron

Rimac Nevera: The Pinnacle Of Hypercar Performance In Electric Mobility

This last one month or so has been focused on Tesla bringing supercar-level performance in a production vehicle. The Plaid variant of the Model...
Polestar 3

The Polestar Story: Why It Is Extremely Hard To Catch Up With Tesla

We have heard a lot of stories about Tesla's success story. We know how Tesla went from a small-time electric vehicle manufacturer to dominating...

Real Life Detailed Overview Of GMC Hummer Electric SUV: It’s More Than You Think

General Motors has always managed to turn heads with the Hummer SUV. After all, it is a beast of a vehicle with immense amounts...
Cost Of Owning A Tesla

True Cost Of Owning A Tesla: Charging, Maintenance, Insurance Cost Of Tesla

There is no denying the fact that electric vehicles are the future. With the number of countries thinking of imposing bans on the sale...
Tesla Model S Plaid Review

Tesla Model S Plaid Hands-On Review: A Beast from the Future

Tesla began Model S Plaid deliveries last week, and as expected, we have started getting reviews. Of course, a number of these reviews on...
Things to Consider When Buying a Used Tesla

Things to Consider When Buying a Used Tesla & Why it is Difficult to...

Electric vehicle sales are growing by the quarter, as and how countries are making it favorable to buy them. Of course, one of the...
Tesla Model S Plaid Experience

0-60 MPH in 1.99 Sec Real-World Experience & Look Inside Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla finally broke the seal on the deliveries of the most-awaited Model S Plaid yesterday in a special delivery event at the Fremont facility...