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Vauxhall Mokka-e Hatchback: A Simple Compact Electric SUV

Vauxhall is on the path to electrify its entire vehicle lineup. It aims to have an electric version of each of its cars by...
REE Automotive

REE Automotive: A Revolutionary EV Platform Provider

The car industry is undergoing a reformation. Electric vehicles have started entering the market and are replacing traditional Internal Combustion Engine vehicles. Companies like...
Tesla Model X vs Lamborghini Urus vs Porsche Turbo GT vs BMW X6 vs Jeep Trackhawk

Ultimate SUV Drag Race: Tesla Model X vs Lamborghini Urus vs Porsche Turbo GT...

A Youtube channel named CARWOW did a race with his friends between 5 performance SUVs. The cars in these videos were Lamborghini Urus, Porsche...
1100HP Tesla Model S Plaid vs 1500HP Chevrolet Silverado - Drag Race

1100HP Tesla Model S Plaid vs 1500HP Chevrolet Silverado – Drag Race

The title of the article may be a little off-putting. Why is a pickup truck racing the Plaid? Well, this isn’t an ordinary pickup...
BYD Dolphin Electric Car

BYD Dolphin Hatchback: This Could Be A Threat To Tesla’s Upcoming $25000 Car

Build Your Dreams or BYD is a Chinese automotive giant. It is making huge strides in electric mobility. The company has launched several vehicles...
Foxconn EV

Foxconn, the Taiwanese giant is entering the EV sector

The Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd. or Foxconn is starting its own electric vehicles. It is a huge company that produces everything from...
Honda e, Peugeot e-208, Volkswagen e-Up, Vauxhall Corsa-e, MINI Electric, Renault Zoe

The Range Battle of New Electric Vehicles, Driving EVs Until They DIE!

Mat Watson - An electric car enthusiast in the United Kingdom recently tested small electric hatchbacks. He drove the cars from full charge to...

Indian Electric vehicle market gets ready for an influx of new EVs

The Indian electric vehicle market is heating up. More companies are introducing their electric vehicles for Indian consumers. Currently, there are several cars that...

Solar Powered Sono Sion: A Unique Battery Electric Vehicle

Sono is a electric start up company which is still in its early stages. Two teenagers set up Sono Motors in January 2016 in...

Tesla tries to lure the public by false advertisements with their Cybertruck

Tesla launched its own electric pickup truck called the Cybertruck in November 2019. Elon Musk presided over its launch. He listed Cybertruck's features and...