Cybertruck Foundation Edition

Tesla Extends Invitations for Foundation Series Cybertruck, Introduces Resale Restrictions

Tesla has electrified the automotive world with its Foundation Series Cybertruck, a move that marks a significant evolution in the company's lineup of electric...
Tesla Model 3 Price Dropped

Tesla Model 3 More Affordable Than Ever: Prices Drop to as Low as $22,590...

Tesla Model 3 has seen a remarkable reduction in its purchase price, making it more accessible than ever before. This change is largely attributable...
Tesla Model 2

Elon Musk Confirms Tesla’s New Low-Cost, High-Volume Model 2 on Munro Live

In a significant development for the electric vehicle industry, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, recently announced on Munro Live a new venture into low-cost,...
Tesla Model Y Now or Wait for Juniper

Should You Buy the Tesla Model Y Now or Wait for Juniper?

The current EV market is experiencing an exciting surge in owning a Tesla after the latest Cybertruck launch. Out of all the cool Tesla...
Tesla Model 3 Tax Credit

Tesla Model 3 Federal Tax Credit ‘Will Reduce’ From 2024, Inventory Discounts Increase

Tesla has recently updated the wording regarding the federal tax credit for its Model 3 electric vehicles, changing from "may reduce" to "will reduce."...
Tesla Cybertruck Bulletproof Test by Optimus

Elon Musk Hints at Bringing Tesla Bot’s Bulletproof Cybertruck Test to Life in the...

Tesla has been pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the automotive industry. A recent demonstration of this is the bulletproof testing of the...
Cybertruck vs Porsche

Some Porsche Fans Unhappy With Cybertruck Beating 911, Call It a Marketing Gimmick

At the recent Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event, a groundbreaking moment in electric vehicle innovation was unveiled. Amidst the buzz of technological advancements and futuristic...
Tesla Cybertruck Range

Tesla Cybertruck Pricing and Range Revealed with Innovative Range Extender

Tesla has once again electrified the automotive conversation with the long-awaited update on its Cybertruck. The electric vehicle innovator has released crucial details that...
Tesla Cybertruck Bulletproof Test

Tesla Cybertruck Bulletproof Test: Astonishing Gun Survival Demo at the Delivery Event

At the Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event, Tesla unveiled more than just their latest vehicle: they showcased a groundbreaking leap in automotive technology. Central to...
Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event

Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event: Everything You Need to Know from Performance to Price

As the Tesla Cybertruck delivery event draws near, the anticipation and excitement among electric vehicle enthusiasts and industry watchers are palpable. This article compiles...