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Tesla Model Y Project Juniper

Tesla Model Y About to Get Even Better, Project Juniper Reveals Latest Upgrades

According to recent rumors, Tesla may be planning to revamp its world’s best-selling car Model Y with a project code named "Juniper." The news...
Toyota 1000-Mile EV

Toyota’s New Battery Tech Achieves 932-Mile Range in Only 10 Minutes of Charging

Toyota, renowned as the world's largest car company, has often been perceived as an anti-EV automaker due to its cautious approach and reluctance to...
Tesla Old headlights vs Matrix

Matrix Headlights Switched With Older LED’s On Newer Builds Of Tesla Model 3

Attention Model 3 buyers! Tesla Model 3 buyers would now need to check for their matrix headlights at delivery, as Tesla has decided to...
Tesla New Motor

Tesla Drops Bombshell with New Motor Innovation, Sets a New Standard for Electric Vehicles

Tesla has been at the forefront of electric motor development with their innovative designs that have taken the industry by storm. The revolutionary electric...
Tesla Supercharger Bill

Tesla Owner in China Receives $600,000 Supercharging Bill, Here’s Full Story

A Tesla Model 3 owner from China received a supercharging bill of $608,708 (3,846,306 CNY). This came as quite a shock for the owner....
Tesla Model 3 2023 Refreshed

“Project Highland” New Refreshed 2023 Tesla Model 3 Is Coming, Here’s What We Know...

According to a news report by Reuters, there is Tesla is in the process of designing a modernized Model 3. The news is said...
Tesla Model 3 Vs Honda Accord Hybrid

2022 Tesla Model 3 Vs Honda Accord Hybrid: 5-Year Ownership Cost

Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular electric cars available globally and the best-selling model in the Tesla fleet. Keeping and maintaining...
Tesla EV Locks The Owner Out

$140,000 Tesla EV Locks The Owner Out After Battery Died, Here’s What Happened

What will you do if you are locked out of your car? How about spending some $20,000 to get your access back to your car?...
Frozen Tesla Model 3 On Supercharging

Supercharging a Frozen Tesla Model 3 (-14 Degrees): The Ultimate Cold Weather Test

When temperatures plummet, charging your electric vehicle takes a bit more attention from its owner than usual - something to be mindful of in...
flooded tesla

Is It Safe to Buy Flood Damaged Electric Cars? Here’s What Happens if a...

Water-damaged electric cars are those that have been exposed to water, whether through flooding or heavy rain. The water can cause damage to the...