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Adjustable Suspension for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Coming Soon

A recent update to the User Manual of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y has revealed possible upcoming features. Noted Tesla user/hacker “Green” posted some before-after images of the manual. These images show a suspension icon, one that is similar to the one seen in Model S/X. This indicates the possibility of Tesla adding an adjustable suspension system to the entry-level vehicles.

Adjustable Suspension for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Coming Soon

Adjustable Suspension for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Coming Soon

Holiday Update Gives New Hint

Green is a renowned Tesla user who always tweets about such upcoming updates. He is known to go through software documentation and search for ‘easter eggs‘ that provide vital information about such releases. According to him, Tesla rolled out these changes in the 2020.48.26 update, better known as the Holiday Update. The comparison between the infotainment system for the old (pre-update) and the new system shows the addition of the air suspension icon that Tesla uses for its higher-end cars.

According to the tweet, the adjustable suspension icon is similar to the one used in Model S or X. However, Tesla will most probably not use the air suspension system as in the premium models.

Rumours Regarding Adjustable Suspension for Model 3/Y

Last year, Tesla had posted some vehicle parts in their catalogue for the Model 3. These parts had references to air suspension systems. These parts were a part of the catalogue for some days. However, Tesla removed these references to the air-suspension setup. Elon Musk later stated that the company had no plans to introduce an air suspension in the Model 3.

But then, there were references to adjustable suspension systems found in December. There were also some references to Model Y’s HEPA filter. Sure enough, Tesla added a dedicated Bioweapon Defense Mode feature to the Model Y, albeit only in China.

Now that Green has found a hint in the User Manual, it won’t take time for this update to reach the market. However, with Musk ruling out air suspension, we can expect some other mechanism. An electromechanical setup could very well allow some adaptive features to the suspension system. This will mean that Tesla uses a different suspension design for its entry-level vehicles and for the premium ones.

The HEPA Filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode for Model Y

Tesla’s Chinese customers got a year-end surprise from the company, as they introduced HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter and a Bioweapon Defense Mode in the Model Y. This mode protects the passengers from a variety of hazardous particles such as exhaust fumes, smoke, allergens, and airborne pathogens. The HEPA filter installed in the Model Y is quite sizable, almost the same size as the Model X. It is installed behind the frunk, allowing for easy servicing.

This update is not seen in Model 3, though. Musk had mentioned that it would be difficult to install the HEPA filter due to lack of space in the sedan. These features were brought to the Model Y late last year, and there were references to the adjustable suspension system in the update as well.

Our Opinion

The addition of an adjustable system to the entry-level models is an important step for Tesla. This feature was initially available only in the premium models, but this is a welcome change. With a suspension icon visible in the infotainment system already, the release of this feature may not be far off. This will only help in improving the ride quality of the Model 3 and Y.

Mihir Tasgaonkar
Mihir Tasgaonkar
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